We are a start-up on a mission to empower SME accountancies in the Baltics and Eastern Europe through digital solutions. We are based in Riga, Latvia, a hub which is known for its IT talent. The founders - Edvards Merhels and Juris Zubkāns - are seasoned accountancy and IT specialists with more than 25 years of demonstrated experience each. Edvards (FCCA, Latvian certified auditor) is a practicing accountant engaged mostly in audit and transaction advisory. Juris is a senior IT engineer with vast experience in creating various financial and accountancy solutions.

Over the years, we have noticed that in the Baltics:

  • many accountancies use Microsoft Excel to track their time. This works well until volume of data becomes excessive
  • many firms do not track time altogether. This means missing out on insights of where money is made and where it is lost
  • while some firms use time tracking tools, most happen to be of general purpose, evidently lacking industry specific functionality

With this in mind, we felt that we should kick-off our mission by developing a simple, yet powerful time tracking tool for the accountancy profession.